Conference History

The Western Mechanical Labor Management Conference was founded in 1958 as a nonprofit organization to represent the organized industry in the Western States.

In 1994, the conference became “International” with the addition of the Canadian province of British Columbia, followed in 1997 by Alberta, Canada, and in 2007, Victoria, Canada.

The primary purpose of the Western Mechanical Labor Management Conference is to keep the membership informed of current events and changes related to the Mechanical & Plumbing Industry.

To this end, topics and issues related to organized labor, in addition to solutions, act as a voice in representing views and positions by members, and therefore, discuss recommendations in order to bring about equality in labor-management bargaining.

The Western Mechanical Labor Management Conference is under the guidance of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and Conference Committee, all of whom are elected annually by the contractor members. There is also a Secretary/Treasurer who is a non-voting staff person of the sponsoring trade association responsible for the annual conference.

In addition, the conference committee has three ex-officio members of the Western States Pipe Trades Council that provide vital input and ideas to the educational content of the annual conference.